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Multi-I Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

You will be charged separate tuition rates and fees for classes taken on different campuses. If you take courses at two campuses simultaneously, you will receive separate two bills. If you are assessed students service fees for more than one campus, visit your home campus or the host campus to have one set of fees removed.


Tuition rates for Morris online courses are the same as Morris on-campus courses.

Late Registration Fee

The all-University late registration fee is charged to all students on all campuses. This late registration fee is only assessed for any initial registration that occurs on or after the first day of classes. It does NOT affect adding or dropping of classes.

Financial Aid Approval

Students receiving grants, loans, work study, or scholarships must discuss plans with a financial aid officer. Written approval on the application form is required. (Note that not all courses taught at the University of Minnesota are eligible to receive financial aid.)

Multi-I Status

Submit completed forms at the Office of the Registrar. Allow adequate time for processing. Students are notified via email when their setup is complete and they can register on another campus as a Multi-I student.

Morris remains your “home” campus. You will self register through MyU for the “host” campus you are visiting.

One Stop Sites for University of Minnesota Campuses


If you are registered for classes at a host campus only (Crookston, Duluth, Twin Cities, Rochester), that campus will bill you directly for your tuition and fees. Any financial aid you receive at your home campus will be sent to you in the form of a surplus check which should then be used to pay your bill at your host campus.

If you are registered for classes at both Morris and a host campus during the same term, you will receive a bill from each campus for tuition and fees. If you receive financial aid, it will be based on the combined credits that you are registered for at both campuses. However, your aid will be disbursed and applied to your bill at your home campus ONLY; it will NOT apply directly to your bill at your host campus. You will be responsible for paying that bill separately. If you receive a financial aid surplus check, those funds can be used to pay your bill at your host campus.

One Stop counselors will review the billing process with you during the Multi-I application process.

Legally Binding Contract

By registering for classes, you are entering into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees.

Please read and print a copy of the Morris Online Learning Deadlines and the Drop/Cancel Policy before you register for a course.

Tuition refunds are available only through specified dates for each semester. Check the refund schedule before canceling courses; you are held responsible for tuition and fees if you do not cancel during the 100 percent refund period.