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Non-U of M Students

The University of Minnesota Morris has degree programs with admission and graduation requirements; however, admission to the University of Minnesota Morris as a degree seeking student is not required to enroll in courses offered through the Morris Online Learning program. If you take an undergraduate course and are not officially admitted to a program, you are considered a nondegree seeking student.

Grades will be listed on a University of Minnesota transcript. Credits may count toward a degree program should you be admitted to one in the future (however, to ensure these credits fulfill your prospective program's requirements, please consult with that program ahead of time).

The University of Minnesota Morris offers the option to enroll part time or full time as a nondegree seeking student. Nondegree seeking status is available primarily to:

  • high school graduates taking courses of special interest;
  • students with probationary admission status who will later become regular degree candidates;
  • students enrolled at other colleges; and
  • University of Minnesota faculty and staff.

Individuals can enroll as a nondegree seeking student on a space available basis.


The Morris Online Learning Office administers online courses at the University of Minnesota Morris. Admission to the Online Learning program is not the same as undergraduate admission to the Morris campus.

Interested in being admitted to the University of Minnesota Morris as a degree seeking student? (This is different from registering for courses individually).