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PSEO Tuition & Fees

There is no charge for tuition, fees, or required textbooks for Minnesota PSEO students during the fall and spring semester; recommended textbooks are not covered.

The PSEO program does NOT cover special fees for courses, such as private music lessons or courses that require a membership at the Regional Fitness Center. These courses may be taken if the fees are paid by the student.

PSEO students are welcome to take summer courses through the Morris campus as a nondegree seeking student; however, course tuition, fees, and textbooks for summer courses are not included in the PSEO program.


PSEO high school students do not need to contact the University of Minnesota, Morris to order textbooks for Online Learning courses. Required textbooks will be mailed to PSEO students without charge (recommended textbooks are not covered).

Textbooks will be mailed directly from the Morris campus bookstore to the home address listed on the Request to Register form (unless you request differently) about a week prior to the start of the course. PSEO students may highlight sparingly in textbooks.

PSEO textbooks must be returned to the University of Minnesota, Morris campus bookstore at the end of the semester or the student will be billed for the cost of the textbook(s). Prompt return of textbooks is very important. A return label is provided when we send your books. You should include your name and high school when you return your textbook so we can credit you with its return.