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UMM Student Checklist


  1. Order your textbooks.
      • Required textbooks for Morris Online Learning courses are available at the UMN Morris bookstore approximately two to three weeks prior to the beginning of the term. Allow three to five days for shipping and handling when ordering from the UMN Morris bookstore. When ordering books from an online vendor such as, allow two to three weeks for delivery of your books by media mail.
  2. Visit your MyU portal to locate access to your online course. Sign in with your University Internet ID and password. You will find Canvas course site links in the "Key Links" or "Academics" tab. 
  3. Read your “Course Welcome” email.
    • The week before the start of your course, a short welcome email for each course will be sent to your University-assigned email account.
  4. Review the Exam Policies.
  5. Review University-wide and Morris student policies.
  6. Check your University-assigned email and Canvas account often for important notices
    • Your instructor may answer your questions within the course site or answer you via your University-assigned email account—check both often. You are responsible for all information sent to your University-assigned email account. This is the University’s official means of communication.
  7. Print and review your course syllabus on the first day of class.
    • Your course syllabus is located in your course site. Print and review a copy of the syllabus on the first day of class. It is a good idea to keep a copy of your course syllabus to help transfer credit to other institutions in the future if needed.
  8. Attend your course on the first day of class.
    • “Attending” an online class means signing in to the course site using your University Internet ID and password.
    • The Morris Online Learning program reserves the right to enforce the Mandatory Attendance at First Class Session policy at any time during or after the first three days of an online course in fall or spring, or the first two days of a Morris online course. This means that if you do not sign in to your online course site, participate in course activities, or contact your instructor at all during the first two to three days of your online course, you may lose your place in the class.